Afternoon update

July 23, 2007

From Miggins:

From Pat: (

From Inka:


37 Responses to “Afternoon update”

  1. Jeff2007 Says:

    Wow Chris, you got a huge one!

  2. Pat Says:
    And if you zoom out two more times you get another galaxy in the upper left corner

  3. Chris S. Says:

    I know, I have that one as my desktop wallpaper right now, If you zoom out once you can see the whole thing.

  4. Chris S. Says:

    Here is another awesome one.
    Ref ID = 587722982831358015

  5. Mary13 Says:

    My best ones:

    those two merging galaxies somehow look like two big eyes staring at me 😉
    a very beautiful spiral…
    reminds me on hubble- ultra deep field
    a great galaxy cluster!
    usually spirals are more spectacular than ellipticals, but this elliptical looks really beautiful.
    that one looks great between those red stars on the picture! but that’s not the full resolution!
    and that was my all-time favourite.
    Hope, you like them!

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