Afternoon update

July 23, 2007

From Miggins:

From Pat: (http://cas.sdss.org/astro/en/tools/chart/chart.asp?ra=209.641245&dec=37.45476759)

From Inka:

37 Responses to “Afternoon update”

  1. Jeff2007 Says:

    Wow Chris, you got a huge one!

  2. Pat Says:

    And if you zoom out two more times you get another galaxy in the upper left corner

  3. Chris S. Says:

    I know, I have that one as my desktop wallpaper right now, If you zoom out once you can see the whole thing.

  4. Chris S. Says:

    Here is another awesome one.
    Ref ID = 587722982831358015

  5. Mary13 Says:

    My best ones:

    587732578831434101: http://casjobs.sdss.org/ImgCutoutDR6/getjpeg.aspx?ra=125.04828487&dec=4.36894911&scale=0.39612&width=512&height=512&opt=&query=
    those two merging galaxies somehow look like two big eyes staring at me😉
    587725817482575893: http://casjobs.sdss.org/ImgCutoutDR6/getjpeg.aspx?ra=158.13774289&dec=65.04159532&scale=0.39612&width=512&height=512&opt=&query=
    a very beautiful spiral…
    587733605331829062: http://casjobs.sdss.org/ImgCutoutDR6/getjpeg.aspx?ra=223.69814411&dec=54.37552067&scale=0.39612&width=512&height=512&opt=&query=
    reminds me on hubble- ultra deep field
    587736807771013295: http://casjobs.sdss.org/ImgCutoutDR6/getjpeg.aspx?ra=222.15208815&dec=11.32566212&scale=0.39612&width=512&height=512&opt=&query=
    a great galaxy cluster!
    587726032235921453: http://casjobs.sdss.org/ImgCutoutDR6/getjpeg.aspx?ra=151.1394678&dec=1.78775249&scale=0.39612&width=512&height=512&opt=&query=
    usually spirals are more spectacular than ellipticals, but this elliptical looks really beautiful.
    588017110759047180: http://casjobs.sdss.org/ImgCutoutDR6/getjpeg.aspx?ra=183.94915665&dec=47.08338988&scale=1.58448&width=512&height=512&opt=&query=
    that one looks great between those red stars on the picture! but that’s not the full resolution!
    587734893287440442: http://casjobs.sdss.org/ImgCutoutDR6/getjpeg.aspx?ra=174.04118603&dec=10.06116249&scale=0.39612&width=512&height=512&opt=&query=
    and that was my all-time favourite.
    Hope, you like them!

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