Morning update

July 20, 2007

Curveball from a Chica

From Ann:

From Bunny

From Gill

From Flammy


19 Responses to “Morning update”

  1. Ann Croft Says:

    These blue shapes are awesome!
    Thank you for adding my “dragon”


    Another bluey…

  2. I pleed again: *please* post in the SDSS Ref#, or at least the link to the chart, along with the pictures! Otherwise they’re just so much wallpaper — gorgeous wallpaper, but wallpaper nonetheless.

  3. Mark Bloomer Says:

    Here’s a nice merger with active starbirth regions.


  4. Mark Bloomer Says:

    Here’s an impressive family of elipticals


  5. Ann Croft Says:

    This is my “sleeping angel” – it’s my favourite:
    you have to zoom in a couple of times, I have tried that but don’t know how to adjust the URL, sorry.

  6. Geoff Roynon Says:

    “Traffic lights”. Does anyone know what these things are – they look like dumb-bells with the left side red and the right side green and are all over this area of the survey.

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