Two Awesome, Weird ones from Justin (and an administrative note)

July 18, 2007

Here’s the admin note, guys:   two days ago, we had almost a thousand independent page views, and it’s looking like today will be our biggest day ever thus far… we’re also averaging about 40 comments per day, many with multiple links – so please don’t feel bad if your galaxy doesn’t get featured!  I’m just so lucky to have so many fabulous astronomer-bloggers out there helping!  KEEP IT UP!

P.S. If you noticed a “time-change” on this blog, it’s because I set it to my own time zone.  I know many of you are from the UK, some from Germany, some from Czechia, and others from elsewhere… but at least now the times make sense to ME!

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6 Responses to “Two Awesome, Weird ones from Justin (and an administrative note)”

  1. Ann Croft Says:

    My “find of the day” (I am getting much more particular!)


  2. Dear Admins:

    When you post a picture, could you include a link to the Object Explorer page? That way we can learn more about the objects if we feel like it.

  3. section8 Says:

    some more interesting than others!

  4. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Sorry if you’re getting flooded, it may be partly my fault for leaving a comment on urging people to go on this! ;-)

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