Interesting Galaxies

July 13, 2007

If you analyze galaxies for Galaxy Zoo and find anything particularly cool, please send it in as a comment!! Here’s what I’ve found so far:


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  1. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Stupid question possibly but how do I get an image on here?


  2. Alice Sheppard Says:

    587725491064012846 shows something strange going on in the background (unless it’s the foreground), this thick blue line stretching vertically nearly all the way across the screen . . . black hole?
    587734894358691950 is a very pretty arc, if you fancy putting it up.

  3. Salmon Chase Says:

    Anyone who wants to get a galaxy published should simply put the image’s URL in a comment – then we’ll get it featured.

  4. Alice Sheppard Says:


  5. Alice Sheppard Says:


  6. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Thank you very much for last comment!
    What on earth is going on here?

  7. Salmon Chase Says:

    That’s just a photo where a star got in the way of the picture – think of it like a lens flare in a snapshot. The star isn’t interacting with the galaxy 😉

  8. gill Says:

    Why are some galaxys split by a black line?

  9. Salmon Chase Says:

    That one’s a relatively common shot of a spiral – you’ll see a lot of those as you use galaxy zoo.

    Amazing how much beauty there is in our universe, isn’t it?

  10. Salmon Chase Says:

    galaxies “split” by a black line – this is most likely caused by a satellite having traversed the area when the photo was being taken.

  11. Daniel Says:

    I’d love to have a better resolution shot of this, I thought the clear red, green, blue separation on the left was interesting. It’s either three galaxies which just happen to come in primary colours, or just some sort of lens artifact..

  12. bunny burton-bradford Says:

    Hi all –

    For those who haven’t figured it out yet – you are able to zoom in and out of a selected image. This may help in problem solving those strange streaks, lines etc, esp where the offending star is out of frame.

  13. bunny burton-bradford Says:

    You may need to zoom out to get this one – a beautiful spiral 🙂

  14. bunny burton-bradford Says:

    Barred Spiral…

    Yeah – OK – so I haven’t got anything better to do at the mo 😉

  15. Hayley Says:

    (#587735695916400753 in case my link doesn’t work!)

    This one looks unusual, what is happening there?

  16. Sophie Sheppard Says:

    I’ve found two beauties so far:

    A little snail to go with Alice’s penguin!

    And this spiral is just gorgeous.

  17. bunny burton-bradford Says:

    Stars are usually NOT of interest, I know, but this pair (assuming they are a pair!!) are wonderful…

  18. Capt Mondo Says:

    This is the prettiest loose-armed spiral I’ve run across so far:

    Anyone else here find the classification system too simple? I keep running across little indistinct blue-white blobs with no defined arms that are clearly star-forming regions; something you tend not to see in ellipticals (which tend to be largely orange-red from the old population stars they tend to have). I feel a bit dishonest labeling them as ellipticals, since they probably aren’t, but “Don’t know/Star” doesn’t help much either.

  19. Salmon Chase Says:

    My feelings about dishonest labeling are identical to yours, Captain!

  20. Nik Hall Says:

    I thought that this one was interesting. Four different, and clear, galaxies and a star.

  21. bunny burton-bradford Says:

    Hi all –

    The site layout has been altered somewhat, since this morning.
    But I currently get outage errors.
    It would be great if new buttons made an appearance soon.

  22. bunny burton-bradford Says:

    Wait a minute – the site layout has now reverted back…
    I may have just seen a preliminary redesign.
    “Show my galaxy” was one link missing – what IS that for anyhow???

  23. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Why do stars have this light-blotting-out effect?

  24. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Sorry, me yet again . . . I think my penguin just flapped up in the air attempting to swallow a luminous apple or similar!

  25. Alice Sheppard Says:

    What’s with the ghostly tennis racket handle? Is the galaxy moving or something?

  26. bunny burton-bradford Says:

    Hi Alice –

    The imaging device that takes these amazing photos is made up of arrays of cells, that act like buckets, collecting all those photons of light. After a predetermined time, the imaging device electronics read off how much light is contained in each cell (empty the buckets to see how much water they contain) – The amount of water in a bucket tells us how much light fell onto the imaging device in that alloted time.
    Very little water (photons in the cell) equals very faint light, whereas bright objects equals lots of light.
    Imagine each “bucket” can only hold 1litre of water (Each cell can only “hold” so many photons of light). if you pour 2 litres of water into a bucket, 1 litre will spill out into adjoining buckets.
    Stars shine very brightly – so there are LOTS of photons pouring into those buckets. So much light, infact, that even adjoining buckets quickly overfill. Consequently the image of a star will appear to bloat outward and fill many buckets.
    Sorry if this is not clear – I’m relaxing with some wine and may not be making myself as clear as possible.
    This overspill of light is called blooming – and the imaging device is called a CCD – Charged Coupled Device.

  27. gill Says:

    a good night for interesting images
    This reminds me of the jellyfish we found surveying Plymouth Sound

  28. gill Says:

    btw by ‘whats this’? I mean how close are they likely to be?
    Are they really as similar as they look or is that down the amount of light in the frame?

  29. Carol Apacki Says:

    This picture took my breath away! Are they spirals or ellipticals?

  30. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Thanks Bunny!
    Nice long tail here (and not from a nearer star as far as I can tell):

  31. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Gill, this MAY be your anchor hanging upside down, perhaps in Australia . . .
    (Is it just me or are you, I and Bunny taking over this site? Sorry about that folks!)

  32. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Alice –

    Maybe we should get the word out there regarding this site.

  33. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Another jellyfish for you Gill
    Why the two rings? Or are they my imagination? (I sat on my glasses yesterday and everything makes me dizzy!)

  34. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Me again 😉

    Alice – hope I haven’t confused, rather then clarified, the imaging process. I’ll happily resubmit a more concise explaination if required. There is sure to be ‘stuff’ on the web that clarifies better.
    Right – off to hunt….

  35. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    My God!! just look at all those galaxies…

  36. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Hi Bunny, yes, maybe we should get word out about this site! Chris has just asked me if I’m sending all this stuff to their main e-mail, which made me realise that since hearing that they had 1600 unread e-mails in their inbox I’d just been bunging all this stuff here. Troy, or Salmon, or anyone – is it all being shared? I was just assuming it was.

    Your explanation about the stars was pretty cool thanks, and I understood about the overfilling thing – though not why that would make it look so black, or the area have such a straight edge – but I appreciated it!

    In the meantime, weirdo in the top right hand corner:

  37. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Argh! Either a screwdriver or a doctor’s needle! Perhaps to vaccinate the Universe against bird flu to protect all the penguins?

    By the way Bunny, many congratulations on that amazing guitar galaxy. Brian May should see that!

  38. Alice Sheppard Says: looks like a face, lying down and looking up – eyes in the middle, mouth on the right! NOT to be shown to those who believe in the “Face on Mars” . . .

  39. Alice Sheppard Says:

    What’s actually happening in this star – the torn-paper-hole-in-a-rhombus-shape thing?

  40. Alice Sheppard Says:

    James – I’m hardly a pro but it looks to me as if, if the picture was zoomed out by a long, long way, you would see a very close-up star to the left. It’s way off screen, but a load of light interference.

    Interesting how there’s all the brown and green isn’t it? And they told us at school that only paint made brown and green; mixed light formed yellow, cyan, etc!

  41. gill Says:

    Here’s a nice little group seemingly playing ‘follow the leader’ across space

  42. Carol Apacki Says:

    Wow! This is a beautiful halo galaxy. Are these rare?
    Galaxy Ref: 587725505558807041

  43. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Carol – that is so cool 🙂

    I wonder what tidal dynamics cause some systems to be so homogenous??

  44. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Carol – scrub that last comment – that image is fantastic!

    Yet another pretty spiral.

  45. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Anyone logged this ring galaxy already??

  46. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    WOW, what a beautiful pair! is this a merger??

  47. Alice Sheppard Says:

    A three-centred trailing galaxy! Or an older merger? Or a slug to go with Sophie’s snail?
    (Wow, Bunny, those spirals are brilliant!)

  48. Alice Sheppard Says:

    A bunny for Bunny, with its head on one side. What long thin ears! Er, is this a clockwise or an anticlockwise spiral, anybody?!

  49. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Alice!! What a wonderful spiral you’ve found in that sapphire studied ocean (zoom out if you haven;t already).
    As to the bunny’s CW or CCW nature – zoom in a little – CCW???, possible faint arm at 5 oclock??

    Here’s another from my searches.

  50. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    I SOOOOOOO wish we had an active discussion forum!!!!
    These images are so inspiring…and immensely annoying. All those blobs and smugdes that could be absolutely ANYTHING, but WHAT!!!!
    Just imagine the clarity offered from a moon based telescope. Blobs and smudges begone – hail the pin-sharpe pin pricks that are distant island worlds.

  51. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Something else that I’m curious to know – is this survey sensitive enough to detect einsteinian crosses, or similar gravity lensed phenomenon?
    (See what happens when there’s no forum ;-))

  52. bunny burton-bradford Says:

    Follow this link
    to get an idea as to the way images are acquired.
    The image you posted is a classic example of the physical makeup/procedure for taking images of the setup.

  53. Justin Says:

    FYI the two posts above look much better (to me anyway) zoomed out from the link image

  54. bunny burton-bradford Says:

    You too ay??? 🙂
    I especially like the Edge on spiral you’ve posted – beautiful details.

    What term could one use for a group of Ellipticals, other then cluster?

    A Tug?

  55. bunny burton-bradford Says:

    Does Chris still want to be alerted when these types of galaxy appear???

  56. gill Says:

    Just out of curiosity, am I doing something wrong? Just asked as none of the ones I posted have been posted.

    Or maybe mine are just boring

  57. justin Says:


    I suppose you could call it a constellation

    and here is a merger I just found

  58. gill Says:

    I like that, looks like a Scorpion Justin…face on

  59. Alice Sheppard Says:

    The moon was a ghostly galaxy tossed upon cloudy seas!

    I was wondering why Gill’s images don’t seem to be having much luck with getting posted, too – the jellyfish one for instance was spectacularly weird – perhaps people are afraid it might be eaten by a penguin? You should have let one of us ask that, looks more graceful . . . 😉 just kidding lol

    Hey, I hadn’t thought to zoom out of that sapphire thing, Bunny. ARGH! Some astronomer am I, NOT. And I went and classed it as “star/don’t know”, I think. Oh well, presumably lots of other people will check it out!

  60. Alice Sheppard Says:

    oh, and as for whether Chris wants to be alerted about rings, I asked him the other day but I don’t think he’s had time to reply yet! I’d say just send it to him, it won’t hurt him – and I think you should send him the “dividers” one too with a recommendation that it be named the “Blue Special” to go with Brian May’s guitar!

    Yeah, I labelled the bunny “anticlockwise”, I took the closer-in ear as the one to judge!

  61. Alice Sheppard Says: – mergers that have almost finished merging? May need to zoom in a bit.

  62. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Somebody’s been playing too much hangman . . .

  63. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Not sure why the above looks all black. It isn’t, folks, ‘fraid you’ll have to click on it from the looks of things.

    By the way, when we find ring galaxies, do we classify them as elliptical or spiral?

  64. Sebastian Says:

    OK, I think I’ve found Messier 101

    even though – It’s a very cool galaxy 🙂

  65. Jeff2007 Says:

    Hey Bunny, what do you think, is this an Einstein Cross?

    Id: 587725073919377715
    From: ALES at

  66. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Another pretty spiral – what other delights await us I wonder!!

  67. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    You know, occasionally, an image appears which stops you dead. There is something about spirals viewed edge-on that is pure poetry – brings Jodie Foster’s comment to mind, when she’s viewing the milky way from aloft in Contact – No Words: Should have sent a poet.(sniff, sniff…)

  68. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Zoom out to 1.584508 “/pix – stunning!!

  69. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Hi Nezelan –

    Welcome aboard :-)… That image is Class A cool…

    Bring’um on!!


  70. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Hey – I’m time travelling – I’ve just commented on a post that Nezelan will submit tomorrow at 12:01am!!!

  71. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    LOOK!!! SEE!!!!!! My God!! I’M A TIME LORD!!!!!
    Nezelan will say “These are arms!” for pic number 587742062136131600 –


  72. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    OK, I admit, I’m not a time lord – maybe the server is throwing a wobbly!!

  73. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Testing, testing…

  74. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    The REAL time is 10.00am – so clearly still server issues or something…any ideas Salmon?

  75. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Perspective is a funy thing – is the galaxy at lower left having material wrentched from it by the object at upper right??
    is material being pulled to lower left FROM the object at upper right??
    simply line of sight effect with no ineraction at all between the two objects.

    This site could seriously cause me to lose sleep at night 😉

  76. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Stunning Duet…

    Has this been posted already by anyone else??

  77. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Jumping through a hoop of star fire…

  78. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Hit and Run…
    But where’s the car??

  79. Alice Says:

    Physicists . . . why does an Einstein cross look like a cross, rather than a ring? Assuming the light takes a path all around the massive object.

  80. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    And again….the blue star forming regions are very well defined.

  81. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    I wonder if galactic globulars have been imaged during this survey, because this looks remarkably like the view I get through a ‘scope. What do you lot think???

  82. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Please swap the above two chart references…

  83. Alice Sheppard Says:

    I hope they don’t expect you to stay awake at work, Bunny? Not that I know what you do.
    Anyway, here’s something cute:

  84. Alice Sheppard Says:

    WHAAAAT! Apparently I made that comment at 4.02 a.m. It is 13.02, or 1.02 p.m. and I have just come out of my last exam (I WAS cursing the zookeepers for starting this just before my exams did, but actually it’s a great relaxer and revision aid – revise whilst waiting for the next galaxy to turn up!)
    Anyway Bunny I retract the above comment! 🙂

  85. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Whoa! Ostrich/Diplodocus plus . . . er . . . high chair? Both with amputated legs, sadly . . .

  86. Alice Sheppard Says:

    someone’s twisting this poor spiral’s arm! (Maybe someone should be drinking more at the galaxy party?)

  87. Carol Apacki Says:

    Just a note to say “Thank you” to Salmon for putting this website together. I’ve bookmarked the site so I can regularly check to see all the wonderful things people are posting. It’s not as fun to do this Galaxy Zoo stuff without sharing it with other people! I think the implications of this galaxy project involving everyday people across the planet can be profound!Just imagine what we can all be discovering and learning together!

  88. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Carol – Nicely put. And welcome 🙂

  89. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Just posted this – but meant to say…

    This deserves to be viewed zoomed out a little – Classic example of a ring galaxy, which has wonderful structural detail.

  90. Carol Apacki Says:

    When you see galaxies like this, how are you labelling them. They look to me like ellipticals, but they have features similar to spirals as well. Also, I’m not sure what those white, wispy things are that we so often see.

    Perhaps we can share with one another some of the ones that continue to baffle us–and learn from each other so we don’t keep making the same mistakes. I’d also like to know if it’s better to make a guess or do a “don’t know.”

  91. bunny burton-bradford Says:

    Hi Carol –

    I tend to hit ‘star/don’t know’ button – but do make an educated guess and hit ‘Elliptical’
    I agree that some other classification system is needed and I believe Chris and the Zoo team are looking into this.
    I’m not sure what you are referring to by white wispy things??

  92. Carol Apacki Says:

    Here’s an example of a “white, wispy thing.”

  93. Carol Apacki Says:

    Here’s another example
    So many I see are like this. Sometimes I see them as spirals; other times as ellipticals. Usually I’m making a big guess.

  94. Jeff2007 Says:

    My last post appeared in the middle of the thread so no one saw it, I wanted to show Bunny this Einstein Cross:

    Id: 587725073919377715
    From: ALES at

    And check what I’ve found:

    Id: 587745539982819539

    Also, someone (named RBH) got the Mice Galaxies on Galaxy Zoo! Check this:

    From: RBH at
    Hubble image:

  95. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Amazing animal thing Gill . . . is it standing on a platform with something floating over its head?

    This may need to be zoomed out a tad but it looks exactly like a lampshade to me:

  96. Alice Sheppard Says:

    I do wish all the various bird species I seem to be sending in (a duck on its side in this case) didn’t have their feet amputated.

  97. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Never mind the galaxy, who’s been playing with my paintbox?! 😀

  98. Alice Sheppard Says:

    An upside down mushroom flying towards an upside down feather duster (as they do)

  99. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Wow, Justin . . . zoom out! (Although slightly more classical)

  100. justin Says:

    yeah, wow. whats that other odd blue thing at the bottom left?

  101. Alice Sheppard Says:
    A ring or two half-moons?
    May not sell too well in Chris’s jewellery shop (assuming that’s what he’s doing with all those rings he’s collecting 😉 )

  102. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Whoa . . . dunno what it is Justin! Very sharply in focus – looks solid, doesn’t it?

  103. Alice Sheppard Says:

    An emaciated person smacking their head!?
    (Sorry, it’s not 4.43 p.m. or whatever, but 1.45 a.m. and I really should be in bed by now)

  104. Alice Sheppard Says:
    An X-ray of an apple!
    By the way, does it slightly disturb anyone else that that “gobbledygook screen” always has a chart containing the words BINNED_CHILD?

  105. justin Says:

    haha. i hadnt noticed that. but, now that you mention it…

  106. Alice Sheppard Says:
    Don’t want to go to bed even if it is 2 a.m., I’m having too much fun and I’m scared all the galaxies will have been classified by tomorrow . . . 😉

  107. justin Says:

    nice one. sometimes i wonder whether the really beautiful galaxies are actually “unclassified”, or if they are known, photogenic galaxies placed by the galaxy zoo folk to keep us amused, so we dont get fed up looking at fuzzy orbs.

  108. Alice Sheppard Says:
    I’ve found the Blue Snitch! 150 points to Gryffindor!!!

  109. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Nope, I don’t think they put them there on purpose. If they’ve got 50,000 volunteers I don’t think they need to rely on visual bribes! Besides, astronomers are really nice and seem to actually believe in people, at least in my (extremely small!) experience.

  110. justin Says:

    big galactic core

    50,000 volunteers? I had no idea there were so many

  111. Jeff2007 Says:

    Wow Justin! You got a lot of amazing pictures there! They are big!

  112. justin Says:

    I posted some galaxies on a more recent photo (has about 8 comments on it total). should I post them to this comment, or just leave them where they are?

  113. Alice Sheppard Says:

    I think says 50,000 – something about 50,000 volunteers – his entry yesterday

    Justin, I’d say post wherever. They seem to put up images from comments anywhere. Although there are quite a few threads going now!

  114. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Sorry Justin, didn’t seem to have quite answered your question (it’s too early in the morning – and I hope it’s NOT 12.20 a.m. or I’ve missed getting my exam results!) – I mean I’m sure it’s fine to leave them where they are. There’s a comment at the top about how many comments they’re getting a day; sure they don’t need duplicates! They’ll find ’em, don’t worry!

  115. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    There IS an end to the known universe…

  116. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    There are so many galaxies in this area – zoom in and out, it’s amazing.

  117. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    A person stretching up to catch some orbs – or juggling or (your ideas here please…)

  118. justin Says:

    Is a galaxy with such an elongated spiral common? what causes such things?

  119. Jeff2007 Says:

    Hey, have u seen the new FAQ? Read it, it clarifies some questions. Also, check this (, those are “famous places” from the sdss, showing nice images, also, according to this, this galaxy ( is a barred spiral…

  120. Alice Sheppard Says:

    A triple elliptical merger?
    Looks like a backwards S

  121. Jeff2007 Says:

    Wow Alice, that’s a good one!

  122. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Is it just me or have we seen this one before?

  123. Jeff2007 Says:

    Nope that’s new 😉

  124. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Thanks Jeff!
    This is an odd one . . . it looks to me like a snail seen from above crawling past a stone on its left:

  125. Jeff2007 Says:

    Lol! nice one! It also looks like an human ear.

  126. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Good point!
    Perhaps it’s the Universe’s “Final Frontier” 😀

  127. Jeff2007 Says:

    OMG! instead of “GalaxyAnalysis.aspx” in the url, enter “MyGalaxies.aspx”, rofl, they are working on it I guess 😀

  128. Jeff2007 Says:

    Wow I did 2040…

  129. Alice Sheppard Says:

    OMG!!!! I seem to have 418 and a bit screens, which means I’ve classified 6,275 galaxies since the Monday before last . . . no wonder my exams could have gone better!!!
    Didn’t see anything roll-on-the-floor-laughing-worthy though . . . is that what rofl means? Or did I simply not look hard enough?!? :-S

  130. Jeff2007 Says:

    What rolling-on-the-floor-worthy is that this section is not yet available to the public, probably still in the testing phase… But it’s not rofl-worthy, it just surprised me when I tried this 😉

  131. Alice Sheppard Says:

    That’s very cool, how did you think of it? Congrats on getting yourself and me past the formalities! by the way, I’ve so far failed to say how cool your green-studded galaxy much earlier was – well done! 🙂

  132. Jeff2007 Says:

    Nice, I’m actually looking at the first galaxies I’ve classified, I was total noob at that time…

    Wow, check this party:

  133. Alice Sheppard Says:

    That’s brilliant! Nice to see the ellipticals getting a bit of the limelight! Or Galaxy Party light. 😉

  134. Jeff2007 Says:

    Thanks, and when you zoom it out, it is so bright that’s crazy!

  135. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Wow – indeed. Galaxy City. Very comos-politan. 😀

    Yeah, I’d rather not look back at all the galaxies I’ve done . . . I’d hate to see the first few hundred and wonder how the hell I could have known so little, and probably failed to spot so many spirals! And the stupid questions I was plaguing the poor zookeepers with . . . ah well, science is well worth making an ass of oneself for in my humble opinion!

  136. Alice Sheppard Says:

    I really like this – very small and yellow, in the middle of the screen – it looks like a messy and jaundiced Saturn!

  137. Jeff2007 Says:

    6000, I wonder how much galaxies have been classified, if everyone do that much…

  138. Alice Sheppard Says:

    I hope I was doing my sums right . . . I will look extremely silly if I’ve actually done far fewer; I certainly didn’t think it was that many . . . I THINK it was 15 for every column, and a new lot of 15 every time it goes up a number . . . I’m sure I haven’t only done 419 though. On Thursday night I was keeping a tally and did 125, and I was probably much slower then!

  139. Jeff2007 Says:

    Very nice spiral! You get all the best, I keep getting blurry blop…

  140. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Oh I mostly get those, don’t worry! I don’t think I get all the best at all . . . I think everyone feels somebody else, or most other people, are doing better . . . besides, it’s all luck, not individual talent! 😉

  141. Jeff2007 Says:

    You did 6000+, well it’s fine, if you take 10 seconds for each (which is not a lot), that would be 17 hours, it’s reasonable…

  142. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Anything between 2 and 5 hours a day since Monday, except Fri and Sat nights when my parents were in Brighton with me . . . that’s roughly 17 hours, yep!

    One thing I’d be intrigued to know on the mygalaxies.aspx thingummy is how many other people have checked each one, what they said, and whether they’re any of us lot 😉 But I guess that’s hardly strictly necessary! 😀

  143. Jeff2007 Says:

    Yeah that would be nice. They should have a “Zoolic of the month” page too 😀

  144. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Dedicated to yours truly, of course 😉

  145. Alice Sheppard Says:

    just kidding btw 😉 🙂

  146. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Is this somebody unravelling a roll of sellotape, or is it just two galaxies looking like one?

  147. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Another bunny rabbit! 😀 Albeit rather small:

  148. Alice Sheppard Says:

    cute – look, two gold things in the outer spiral arms, at 3 and 7 o’clock – probably elliptical galaxies behind it:

  149. Jeff2007 Says:

    I’m stuck on this letter M, what’s happened there, this is so far away…

  150. Alice Sheppard Says:

    And it calls it “BINNED1 NOPETRO CHILD” on the “gobbledygook screen” (I’ve adopted Troy Pickard’s phrase) . . . On that it looks like an elliptical.

  151. Jeff2007 Says:

    Wow, for the first one, that’s hard to tell, looks like a galaxy behind because the upper arm seems fine. Now that’s is rofl-worthy, this rabbit’s cute ;D Yeah that’s probably two galaxies behind

  152. Jeff2007 Says:

    Gill, in order, this is an elliptical, a merger and the last one is a spiral unclear, it is not a merger because it is in the background.

  153. Jeff2007 Says:

    Actually, for the second one, it’s not that clear, it can be not a merger…

  154. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Morning All…Seem to keep missing you all.

    A bizarre one to start the day.

  155. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Hi Gill.

    The image you post on your Q “What is this?” looks very similar to a Globular Cluster. I raised this very question further up the thread. As I stated then, the image through a scope of a globular is very similar to this image. Peppery speckled texture all the way to a pinpoint white nucleus. Would anyone know whether globulars are imaged in this survey??

  156. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Hi Alice 🙂

    Hope your exams went well – what are you studying?

  157. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Has someone posted this one before?? Or am I starting to get punch drunk…

  158. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    A curious loop at 11 o’clock – what caused this I wonder. Anyone care to guess??

  159. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Is it possible that there is a bridge of dark material crossing the line of sight of these active galaxies???

    Look at how well defined the edges are IF these simply are separate objects…

  160. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Hi Bunny, that’s very sweet of you, thanks!
    Long story. Gill and I have just finished a “Chemistry Enhancement Course”. We’ll be doing Science PGCEs next year, but as our degrees weren’t quite 50% chemistry we did this six-month chemistry subject studies course at Sussex Uni. It’s been brilliant, especially since Tim, our wonderful course leader, is an astronomy nut (and to a lesser degree quantum physics nut)! 😀 We got our results on Thursday. Sorry I didn’t post anything on Friday, folks, Sussex computers all down! (and I was a tad busy getting Harry Potter! OMG . . .)

    Back to astronomy . . . that is an amazing image, that last one!

    And if anybody fancies being a science teacher but their degree wasn’t specialist enough, you now know who to ask about it!!! Kids need us. I hope to bring astronomy into the classroom.

    Sorry for this off-topic waffle, Salmon and everybody. But for the sake of science in the UK I shall say it!

  161. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Small, but weird enough to help me start making up for lost time:

  162. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Now, Gill, back to our graphs sessions. Where is the line of best fit? 😉 🙂 😀

  163. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Another double-ring, perhaps as a splint for broken fingers?

  164. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Hi Alice …

    (Sorry everyone but this is completely off topic!!)

    Interesting to read your comments as I too am embarking upon a teaching course in September!! I’ll be taking a SCITT in Design Technology with specialism in Electronics. I had applied through UCAS to do a science based SCITT here in Cornwall at Truro College but long story would entail as to why I opted for DT instead.

    Always had a passion for Astronomy – especially galactic so you can imagine my delight at the creation of this project.

  165. Alice Sheppard Says:

    “Question Mark Gets Drunk and Falls Onto its Back”

  166. Alice Sheppard Says:

    YOU ARE KIDDING! SEE YOU IN CORNWALL, BUNNY! WHAT DO YOU LOOK LIKE?!?!? I’m doing the Science SCITT at Truro!!!!! Hey, where’s best to live in Corwnall? What schools are you being placed at? I’m starting at Penair I think. Shall we meet up in the 2nd week of August? I’m coming down then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is ridiculous!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  167. Does anyone keep getting an error whilst submitting an analysis??

  168. WHAT!!!!! 🙂 :-)…
    Are you doing the enhancement course at Penrice College Aug 28th??

  169. Alice Sheppard Says:

    No! Never heard of that!
    Hey, perhaps I’d better break a load more rules and announce my e-mail address so we don’t totally clutter up this blog. Sorry guys. Er, Salmon, etc, please feel free to delete/edit this comment; I know I’m not supposed to give out an e-mail address but . . .
    Drop me an e-mail, Bunny:
    See you in August or September, probably!

  170. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Oh, yeah, the other night every 5 or 10 galaxies it came up with that stupid error message. I just kept going straight back in and carrying on. No idea what causes it, nor what to do.
    (Now, I thought you were the electronics expert? 😉 )

  171. I’m STILL getting an error on the site – seems to happen quite often – maybe something to do with volume of traffic??

    Alice – is there something happening at Truro College mid August? or are you scouting for places to live?

  172. Alice Sheppard Says:

    I’ll be scouting for places to live – nothing happening at the college that I know of.
    Look, maybe we really should continue this discussion by e-mail; it’s probably interesting and happy reading for everyone else but it’s not quite appropriate on this site. Or is it? 🙂
    Well, you can only quote Chris: “Chance and luck play a role in astronomy” or similar!

  173. OK –

    I’m going out very soon so I’ll send you something via that 🙂

  174. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Cool! Thanks! I look forward to receiving that. And to us being PGCE-ers in Cornwall.

    Er. Right . . . now, um, back to astronomy, folks, shall we . . . ? 🙂

  175. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Keeping my word as above!
    “Elliptical Stepping Stones”:

  176. Alice Sheppard Says:

    “Sweet Little Seahorse”
    It’s even wearing a saddle!

    (Sorry none of mine have been especially spectacular today – most of them are really tiny as well, I know – but cuteness levels, not to mention 3 ring finds within half an hour, are certainly at a maximum at present!)

  177. Alice Sheppard Says:

    This picture seems to contain at least two doubles (the stars on top, the blue smudges on the bottom). I know they’re not a cross, an arc, or obviously lined up, so I’m probably wrong . . . but is there some interesting gravity/relativity stuff going on here, physicists?

  178. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Possibly “Baby Elephant with Pink Star on Left Tusk”?
    What do you reckon?

  179. Alice Sheppard Says:

    C’mon people, post. I’m getting lonely 😦

  180. Alice Sheppard Says:

    grrr I’m back and nobody’s done any posting in my absence – you Saturday night party animals 😉

  181. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Is it just me or is there a large, faint, oval-shaped cloud to the left of the elliptical in the middle?

    btw “blob with legs” – fraid you need to actually enter the picture to really see the legs, but they do look rather endearing, like a walking child’s stool 😀

  182. Alice Sheppard Says:

    This looks like a musical sign – I forget which (where’s Brian May!?) – ‘fraid zooming in probably required here, but worth a look for weirdness!

  183. gill Says:

    Alice sounds like you found a friend for September 😉
    Now it can’t be possible for anyone here to be doign a PGCE at Southampton with me is it?


    We can all share resources lol

    Back to the galaxies…………

  184. Alice Sheppard Says:

    I’ll miss you so much Gill! 😀 But we must keep sharing galaxies!

  185. gill Says:

    and agreed Alice
    we sure ain’t gonna lose touch!!

  186. Alice Sheppard Says:

    The laws of gravity apply to astronomy as a profession. It brings people together! 🙂
    And generates light, too, now I come to think of it!

  187. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Two eyes this time, wearing rather too much make-up I see :-p

  188. Alice Sheppard Says:

    I don’t know about fireworks there, I would have said ghost duckling!

  189. Jeff2007 Says:

    Gosh! You guys got some serious pic! That baby elephant is amazing, not only is this galaxy completely wicked, but there is tons of others spirals in the pictures, great find Alice!

  190. bunny burton-bradford Says:

    Hi Alice, hi Gill, hi Jeff 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I so wish the discussion forum was up and running – oh well.
    Anyhow, back to business.
    Two things – A ring galaxy (how many does Chris have now, I wonder??)

    and Alice – seems you have the same type of galaxy dynamics going on (july 21st 12.08) as the one I flagged above at july 20th 1.29am…

  191. bunny burton-bradford Says:

    Aaaarrggghhh yet another error message….

  192. bunny burton-bradford Says:

    This one deserves a zoom out – so many galaxies…

  193. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Quite amusing if you zoom in; flying dumb bells! 😀

  194. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Wow – zoom out – first appreciate the soooo many galaxies, and then look out for the red spikes and ruby blobs!!!

  195. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha! This looked like bar charts on Galaxy Zoo and it looks even funnier now: 😀

  196. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Hocus pocus squiggly wiggly! 🙂 😀

    (These irritating error messages – when they say “the problem has been logged and we are looking into it” I have to hope that’s not true unless they’ve an army to take care of it – and since we can go straight on, what does it actually MEAN? What’s the POINT? Does it just mean that our last galaxy classification wasn’t recorded?)

  197. Alice Sheppard Says:

    How do you like your fried eggs, guys? Too salty or too greasy?
    (Copyright Garfield 😀 )

  198. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Bunny, or some other knowledgeable astronomer,
    What are the scale things in the top left-hand corner? They say 1”, or 5”, or whatever. What are the ”s? Presumably not inches. Light years? Or just some telescopeoidal jargon?

  199. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Lady With Bad Haircut In Profile
    (oh, and very, VERY pink)

  200. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Hi Alice –

    I’m going to quote wikipedia because I’m feeling lazy 😉
    “… astronomy also uses the arcminute ( ‘ ) and arcsecond( ” ). Degrees (and therefore arcminutes) are used to measure declination, or angular distance north or south of the celestial equator.
    The arcsecond is also often used to describe parallax, due to very small parallax angles, and tiny angular diameters (e.g. Venus varies between 10″ and 60″).
    The parallax, proper motion and angular diameter of a star may also be written in milli-arcseconds (mas), or thousandths of an arcsecond.”

    So – the Moon subtends an angle in the sky of 0.5 degrees or 30 arcminutes 30’.
    As there are 60 sec to a minute [60X30] equals 1800 arcsecs across or 1800″.
    Sooooo – the scale used on the pictures is arcsecs per pixel. ie very small angles indeed…

  201. Alice Sheppard Says:
    Beautiful Blob!

    Thanks for your trouble, Bunny! GRRRR I didn’t realise it was something I could have looked up on Wikipedia, not that I would have known what to call it . . . hard to get head round but hey, that’s education . . . 😉

  202. On the Earth coordinates are specified using Latitude and Longitude ie 52 degrees North or South of the Equator and 2 degrees west (of the prime meridian, Greenwich)- these projected onto the sky become declination and RA (right ascension) respectively.

  203. Glad to have helped – isn’t the web amazing 😉

  204. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Blurred Spirally Merger?!?!?

    Aha, thanks for the geography too . . . maybe my brain will regenerate from the porridgey mush it has been since the exams finished and Harry Potter came out . . .

    The way I’d class that is something that should be chosen to go up!

  205. Alice Sheppard Says:

    That’s two snowballs the Weasley twins have bewitched to persecute Professor Quirrell’s turban.

  206. You’re reading too much Harry Splotter me thinks 😉

  207. Alice Sheppard Says:

    fear so 😉

    Positively flailing arms on the blue one!

  208. WOW – there are SOOOO many galaxies here. change the width and height to 1500 and the scale 6″/pix

  209. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Wow! Lots of stuff going on here! Busy Matterpolis!

  210. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Er, no. You mean the tiny thing in the centre?

  211. Alice Sheppard Says:

    I did, unfortunately it only came out all blurry. A vague dark patch that could have been an eye . . . and it was a sort of heart shape . . . so it could well look like that on an earlier screen . . .

  212. Maybe screen contrast has something to do with it…

  213. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Yep. You gonna teach your pupils about the electronics of screens? 🙂

  214. Alice Sheppard Says:

    More fried eggs!
    I’m hungry 😉

  215. Alice Sheppard Says:

    whoops, sorry, obviously so busy thinking about how hungry I am to post the link DUH :-/

  216. Jeff2007 Says:

    Omg! Alice, zoom out for a beautiful red spiral!

  217. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Gorgeous spiral to start the new day!!

  218. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Two spirals – is there a merger here??

  219. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    AAAANNNNNNDDDDDD another beauty… has this one appeared before?

  220. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    What is beauty? From an evolutionary point of view – what advantage is there to our appreciation of objects or things aesthetically?

    The images that get posted on this site ARE BEAUTIFUL. Pure and Simple. THIS is why I love Astronomy.

  221. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Yet another beautiful spiral (yawn, yawn 😉 )

  222. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Lovely blue star-forming suburbs around a bright white centre:

  223. Alice Sheppard Says:

    oh, you mean on the fried eggs one Jeff! Thanks! Yeah, that one’s very pretty . . . raspberries and cream . . . what is it with that particular part of the galaxy looking like a summer kitchen? 😀

    Lovely hand mirror Gill

  224. Alice Sheppard Says:


    (btw aaaaaaaaaaaaargh I mean part of the UNIVERSE. Yes, folks, I DO know I’ve been looking at galaxies not stars, I just forgot how to speak English or something 😀 😉 )

  225. Alice Sheppard Says:

    That, Gill, is something absolutely amazing that I have never yet seen, and you have until this time tomorrow to confirm you’ve sent it to before I do 🙂

    (giving you credit obviously)

    Glad to see we’re both up and classifying at a sensible time 😀

  226. gill Says:

    I sent it to them and to Chris 😛

  227. gill Says:

    And I really would love an expert to explain what it is and how/why it formed.

  228. gill Says:

    show off 😛

    very nice

  229. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Show off my ass – I just quoted the words I’ve been hearing my dad spout down the phone night after night for 25 years, in no particular order and with a very uncertain degree of accuracy! :-p

  230. Alice Sheppard Says:

    looks like some terrifying creature after a mouse

  231. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Positively insectisomethingorother!
    (you tell me the word Gill)

  232. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Morning All ….

    Still awaiting the Forum!! In the meantime .

  233. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Surely we’re starting to get to a point where images are submitted by multiple posters – or are some galaxies similar in appearance to others??

  234. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    Weird morphology going on here – sideview of person sitting on invisible bike, dinasaur etc…

  235. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    May need zooming out a notch… cousin of M51 maybe?

  236. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    LOOK!!!!!!!! What a fabulous Spiral – A grand Design to be sure…

  237. Bunny Burton-Bradford Says:

    This is no galaxy… it’s a globular cluster…

    You’ll have to zoom out, I think… but WOW!! what a beauty.

  238. gill Says:

    Alice your creature looked straight out of the zooplankton, definitely a copepod

    And yes Bunny I had the two angels twice so they things are definitely repeating.
    But I think their are certainly some very similar images too 😀

  239. This ‘streak’ looks as though it is either
    a) Iridium Flare event
    b) Other satellite flare event
    c) Meteor

    Anyone like to comment?

  240. gill Says:

    Voyager (for Star Trek fans)
    Under attack it seems

    Galaxy Ref: 587739849688612984

  241. Jeff2007 Says:

    OMG Bunny! You got some huge/clear/amazing one, wow, they deserve front page!

  242. Alice Sheppard Says:

    Evening Gill, Bunny, Jeff & everyone else here

  243. gill Says:

    I’ll delete it when the Galaxy Zoo forum gets running.
    And do keep posting here, just thought we could do with somewhere to chat more easily.

  244. gill Says:

    this is interesting….not a galaxy or anything but presumably some sort of reflection from the equipment?

  245. gill Says:

    oh those two posts didn’t appear before
    aww well :S

  246. gill Says:

    I’ll delete that forum btw as the Galaxy Zoo forum is up 😀

  247. Alice Sheppard Says:

    HOWL! This blog cannot die. Especially as Galaxy Zoo still tells me “Forum coming soon”.

  248. It’s been a pleasure…(sob, sob).
    See you all over the other side.

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